Mar 4, '13
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Alan Wood Steel Co.

Hey there. I recently realized that the black buildings in the two long exposure photographs posted just days ago [here] and [here] are part of a company called Alan Wood Steel. Philly.com did an article on them not too long ago. The article states that Alan Wood and “The Wood family business and other steel businesses in eastern Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh; Cleveland; Birmingham, Ala.; and elsewhere were able to produce high-grade steel because of the Bessemer process.”

The main facility was designed by the architecture firm of Savory, Scheetz, & Savory and built in 1910. The building closed it’s doors to the steel industry in 1977, but still houses Lukens Steel, Smith-Kline Beecham, and the Inquirer-Daily News printing plant on the 892 acre site.

Here it is on a map. And here is an historical photo in the archives

I’m going to start including more history along with the old buildings I photograph. Let me know if you find this helpful or interesting.

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